I am reminded, when I bring the hard and difficult challenges in life, I am telling our Lord, “I trust you.”  I trust there will be a plan. 

I wrote this a few years ago. I have shared this with some pretty special people in my life. Now is the time to share it publically.

Bring your sorrow to me
I will find you rest during your time of grief.
Bring your joy to me,
We will celebrate in your happiness together.
Bring your brokenness to me,
I will help you put the pieces together.
Bring your unbrokenness to me,
together we will share in the joy of healing.
Bring your tiredness to me,
I will give you rest.
Bring your motivation to me,
together let’s see what we can accomplish together
Bring your worries to me,
I will give you peace
Bring you care free days to me,
we will worship together.
Bring all things bad and good to me,
to show we walk together.
2 Timothy 4:17

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