Deuteronomy 3:16 (NIV)

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you

I know the Lord is always with each and everyone of my children, when I think of them and the way of life they are living I am reminded of their faith. This scripture is one I know the boys refer to from time to time. This story is about a mom and his youngest son.

Where do I begin….

Once upon a time there was a mom who loved her son so very much! She did everything with him. She would watch all the quirky TV shows, cook, grocery shop and just spend good quality time with each other.

One day the handsome young man decided he would become a Marine. In shock and dismayed the mom decided with her heart she would allow her son to become a Marine for the United States. This mom was so proud of the decision her son made. She supported him unconditionally. The day she watched her son graduate from MCRD San Diego boot camp was one of her proudest moments.

Then she felt something missing something had changed. He was not her little boy anymore; he had grown up to become a fine young man who was eager to serve his country in any way possible.

Sure there were trials and challenges through boot camp but this young man came out on top. Through infantry training, schooling and relocating to his final duty station he grew up even more. Slowly her baby was slipping away… Sure he still loved his mother after all it was his mom.

But years earlier after high school before the Marine Corp a fair maiden captured his heart. The tall blonde with bright blue eyes had captured his eye and his heart. While away he missed her more and more- they say the heart grows fonder with distance, but what mom didn’t expect was for him to get married- then all the memories of her baby boy came rushing in. Her trips with him, the laughter in the kitchen and just them being together enjoying each other’s company was going to change. He was already living on the east coast- now he wants to get married.

Mom prayed, prayed and prayed some more even though her heart was heavy she again let her baby boy go again. This time so he could have a family with his wife. Mom knew in her heart long before a decision was made for them to marry this fair maiden would be the one who would fill his heart with love and comfort.

His innocence was captivating he was so eager to please and make others happy but knew in his heart this young lady would be the one! They make a plan and she becomes a Marine wife; then he is called out to go far away.

Very little contact mom has had since he left on a boat; mom prays at night her son is doing well. She prays he still thinks of her from time to time. Because this is what reassures mom that she is still loved, she has to put faith in the Lord that one-day mom will hear from her son that yes, he is okay.

You see mom is saying good-bye until later to another son. One who has grown up to be a man who doesn’t deter from a challenge. Since the age of 8 all he talked about was becoming an Airman. One who doesn’t become overshadowed by the challenges of the world. He is the one the younger brother looks up to and is always being challenged and pushed by the older brother to do better. This is what brothers do for each other. They support each other unconditionally no matter where they in the world.

Mom is asking God, why? Why do my sons, my children serve this country?  Then she hears the answer, like a wisp in the wind. Because, mom raised them to serve the needs of others. She raised her boys to help those who are not able to help themselves. She was an example they followed, she put others before herself. Sure every once in a while she wants to have her pity party but she doesn’t. She will trust in the Lord to take care of her children. She has surrendered them to the Lord. Thank you Lord for allowing mom to be the best mom she could to her children.

She faltered and failed many times but these two young men showed unconditional love for their mom. A love never failing, never ceasing but a pure example of unconditional love.

Mom has gone through a lot of changes in the past few months, and being a military mom there are certainly more to come. Now, she focuses on keeping the memories of the past from overwhelming her and looks forward to the day when she sees her two sons who proudly serve this country together again.










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